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A striking blend of coffees from exotic parts of the world

Welcome To Dobson Creek Coffee Co.

Dobson Creek Coffee is more than a coffee shop, it is an experience. It is a place to drink coffee. A place to settle into a good book with a warm cup of tea. A place to meet up with friends. A place to play a game of chess. It is a home away from home. It is an office on the road. 

It is the spot for a fresh homemade doughnut. It’s a place you will want to return to time & time again. Whatever your reason for visiting Dobson Creek Coffee Co., it is always a warm and welcome place to visit. 

Coffee always tastes better in the right atmosphere.

Come experience with us!

Featured collection

Here is our selection of single origin coffees available. We roast all our single origin coffees to a light to medium
roast color. We strive to bring out the most exquisite flavors specific to any origin by roasting them for the right
amount of time and to the right temperatures.