Dobson Creek
Coffee Co.


How Dobson Creek Coffee Got Its Name and a Little History

In the year of 2004, the individual, placement, and setting was a young man with a true love for coffee, tucked back in the woods of north Idaho with the Dobson Creek running through his property. After an accident that left him handicapped, Dobson Creek Coffee Co. was set up in his shop adjacent to his home. It serviced the community and many friends with quality fresh roasted coffee. Whether it was regular locals, a neighbor on his horse, or someone new in the area that happened to hear about the small roasting facility, they would stop by for fresh roasted coffee.

Sometimes they would just sit with a freshly brewed cup, watching the roaster, and sharing his love for coffee and the outdoors. Those from far away also enjoyed Dobson Creek’s passion for coffee by the convenience of US Mail and Fed Ex.

Now there were two brothers (also avid customers of Dobson Creek Coffee) who lived in the Mission Valley in northwest Montana. In the year of 2010 these two, having searched out many artisan coffee roasters within driving distance, took additional interest in Dobson Creek Coffee. As time continued, this Idaho man decided it was time to move on in life and sell his little coffee business to someone who would continue his love and passion for coffee. Being immersed in the prospective light of opportunity, these two brothers purchased the coffee business. Today Dobson Creek Coffee still reflects the same passion for coffee and the outdoors. Even now you will find the blends, labels, logos, and much more remain unchanged. The brothers would, first of all, like to say thanks to the man who set Dobson Creek Coffee in motion and also to those who have supported the company.

Premium Quality Fresh-Roasted Coffee Since 2004

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