Night Rider Blend


East African and Central American coffee, the favorite blend of the red-bearded night rider. This blend is roasted to bring out the origin character, emphasizing the smoothness of Central America and the winey acidity of East Africa.

Medium Light Roast

Knock… Knock… Knock…

As I sit by the fire on a cold, black night, I hear it. I go to the door, knowing what to expect. There he is. A big man with a bushy red beard, a flat crowned hat pulled low over his eyes. his horse is standing ground-hitched in the shadows.

Other times, I never do see him. When I go out the next day, there lays a twenty; and two or three pounds of coffee is missing from the bin labeled Night Rider Blend. Where does he come from?

Is he a good guy? Bad guy? How would I know? I’ve never been cheated. I just know I dare not run out of his favorite blend.

What’s in it? What’s it like? You’ll just have to try it! I’m sure you’ll like it too.